Have you suffered enough?

I make change easier so you can quit your internal struggle. I help you thrive, by removing your energy blocks, shifting you from surviving to thriving in an instant!

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Hi, my name is Anita,

I work with people just like you who want to feel better and have the energy and support to deal with what you may have been putting off for years. Quit your internal struggle and embrace a carefree, easy and peaceful life now.

Can you see the life you want to live? Do you feel years are flying by and you are taking no action? Do you wonder why your life isn’t getting easier, more peaceful, and fulfilling and you don’t know what to do, or where to turn?

I’m ready to help you! I have created a unique healing technique that accesses your bodies internal wisdom. I use traditional Breakthrough Life Coaching techniques combined with accessing your body's twelve major energy chakras, which have been known to Eastern Healers for over 2000 years. This combination finds the answers to your questions and frustrations by unearthing your blocks.

I am here to help, guide and support you to interpret what your conscious and subconscious body already knows, in order to create the life you will love! Give me 90 minutes of your time and you will be back into your natural, calm, harmonious energy state that nature intended. You will feel much lighter and life will feel remarkably easier after your session.

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Thoughts from previous clients

  • I booked my first session with Anita and my life literally changed in those hours we spent together. I went from living half-dead, depressed and suicidal to feeling a sense of openness and re-connection to life in just one appointment. Anita heard/felt/sensed what I needed from what I was saying. She then showed me how to easily include this in my day-to-day life. I have, and the results speak for themselves. I've seen more than 25 therapists in my life. Anita has helped shift my course so significantly, and has stayed by my side the entire time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Anita. I am so grateful for your care, wisdom, insight and sharing your healing art with me and the world. You literally saved my life.

    Kathryn, Victoria Australia. March 2017
  • Anita, thank you for our amazing session 10 days ago. The intense feeling of peace, certainty and clarity has been astounding. I have maintained my strong sense of purpose throughout some recent difficult times and I'm certain that my calmness has not only benefited me but helped those around me as well. It is difficult to put into words but I am eternally grateful. 💕 Thank you xx

    Susan McMurdie Seville Victoria. May 2017

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