8 Ways to Protect Your Energy

I get a lot of questions from people wanting to know:

  • How do I protect my energy?
  • Why do I go down hill in a room of people?
  • How do I not attach to others negative emotions?

1) Are you grounded? If you are not then your field of energy is inside your body and negative and therefore attracts negativity like a magnet.

2) if you are grounded and you have sensitive energy and a tendency to be empathic make sure before you enter a crowded space you visualise yourself protected in a bubble or ball, fill your ball with golden light or a colour you feel is right for you. Imagine a mirror finish on the outside of your ball to reflect everyone’s energy back at them.

3) if you feel your energy drop, don’t connect to it just observe. Ask yourself did you have a negative thought? If you did it maybe a fear of being judged, feeling insecure, unable to speak your truth, dulling your own shine. Fear of being rejected. This is more likely what causes your energy to drop than taking on other peoples energy. So start with you. Reframe your thoughts and be your own cheerleader encouraging yourself not to worry, have fun, shine and be yourself.

4) if you are present, being an observer, a clear mind and you still feel your energy drop check your protection. Re-visualise Step 2. If you feel a drop in your lower chakras these are the chakras that connect to other people (tribe) and relationships to these people. Ground yourself again, use your breathe and put down your roots like a tree, look around the room be really present.

5) if your energy is dropping and it’s not you and you are sure you are positive and present then just observe your energy feeling other peoples magnetic fields, remind yourself it’s not yours.

6) Take yourself outside into the fresh air and get really present. Count ten things you can see to heighten being in the moment. (Your history can cause you to be triggered by others.) Breathe up and breathe down a few times, send the negative feeling down your roots and ground it out.

7) Cut your chords. Do this as soon as you feel your energy drop. Do it again when you get home before bed. A shower is great to visualise the shower water clearing your energy. You can imagine sweeping a big gold sword from under your feet, up over your body, down the back, under your feet, up the side of your body, under your arm pits, down the other side. Picture tentacles falling off you and send this energy back to its source. Pick up any of your energy you left anywhere like if you had an argument, felt jealous, got criticised. Always collect yourself up. Imagine collecting fragments of your golden ball of light.

8. Clear your Aura, your bubble of energy after you have cut your chords. Picture cobwebs of negative energy. I like to imagine myself standing in a car wash and imagining those big sweeping brushes coming towards me sweeping away any negative energy that does not belong to me. Often I yawn as I clear this energy. Yawning can be the release of negative emotions. It sounds like a bit of a process but this energy management is essential. I could not do my job unless I cut my chords and cleared my aura after every client. When I forget I notice a drop in energy. I can always feel it in my sacral chakra.

You shower everyday so do it then. Or when you lay in bed. Never go a day without clearing otherwise your aura fills with negative junk that attracts other people’s negative junk. It’s all about management and being clean and clear first!

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