Many people I see find they are up and down like a yoyo because they are riding the wave of caffeine or sugar to function through their day.  

How many of these questions can you relate to?

Are you running on empty?

Do you talk fast, go fast, and multi-skill like a crazy person?

Is your daily ‘to do’ list so large that you survive on coffee, energy or fizzy drinks, and eat sugary food to get it done?

Do you pretend you are okay, but deep down you feel like you are dying on the inside?

Do you sleep like the dead only to wake in the morning feeling like you could sleep for a week?

Are you a people pleaser and a ‘yes’ person, giving until you are run dry?

Are you in a habit of never finding time for you and have a million excuses why?

When you stop, do you hit the wall?   Does brain fog move in making you feel burned out?

Are you starting to feel weak in the limbs, confused and forgetful?

Ten years ago, this was me!  

I ran myself into the ground, past being tired, to constantly fatigued, to chronically fatigued.  I kept whipping myself to be super woman, to do more and be more!  

Others admired my energy and ability to do everything.  On the outside I was a superwoman.  On the inside I felt exhausted, I remember psyching myself up to go to work, whipping myself into a frenzy just to operate.  I remember one morning skipping breakfast and having coca-cola and M &M’s followed by an espresso just to keep going.      

If you are stuck in this pattern, your physical body is facing dis-ease.  Are you experiencing symptoms with your thyroid such as cold hands and feet?  Or are you always cold?  

My tipping point to change was finally being sick and tired of
being sick and tired!  

I could not stay awake to drive.  My mind kept pushing my body until all I had left was will power and no energy, I couldn’t even peg the clothes on the line!  I had to stand up in meetings.  I remember crawling to bed on my hands and knees.    

When I was trying to work out what was wrong with me, I visited many doctors, had blood tests and always showed in the normal range.  

My life changed when I was educated about the Human Energy Field, (Aura.)

I didn’t know anything about this part of my anatomy.  At a workshop I learned how to balance my own chakras, within my energy field, this changed my life immediately!  I learned that I was missing half of the solution.  I now understood I had to recover energetically to become physically whole again.

You’ll be relieved to know it does not take you years to recover!  I help you immediately re-balance and unblock your 12 Chakras, (or Energy Centres.)  Then helping your physical body recover is the next phase of  your healing.

I will help you

  • Go from over-functioning to normal
  • Stop running on adrenalin (flight or fright)
  • Understand why you drive yourself into the ground
  • Learn how to put yourself first
  • Go from anxiety and overwhelm to calm
  • Understand why being a perfectionist is not healthy
  • Know what to eat to nurture your endocrine system
  • Understand how your mind governs your Energy System
  • Change, grow and expand from the experience

You will learn how to stop going into over-drive and instead stay balanced.  You’ll learn  tools you’ll use to keep calm if you are triggered, and how to bring yourself back in balance and stay grounded.  

I have presented workshops, “The Power of Food” with a Therapeutic Nutritionist and can help you understand what food to eat to nourish your body.  (Your endocrine system needs nurturing back to health to recover from adrenal fatigue.)  I will help you onto your healing path and work closely with you using a holistic approach, combining your food, energy, body, mind and spirit.


What a great find Anita is!

I was struggling to get out of bed or even make it through a full day without a nap before meeting her. She was so helpful with her advice on life style and diets and knowledge on fatigue.

Anita gave me books to read and sent me recipes to make, does follow up messages and calls to check how I am she is defiantly very passionate about what she does and I would highly recommend her if you are struggling like I was.

Cassie Brown
Amberley, May 2017

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