Do you pretend you are okay on the outside?

– but on the inside you are dying…

Emotions are energy in motion, E-Motion.  There are two kinds of E-motional energy you feel.  Energy that feels good, like happiness, love, contentment etc… and Energy that feels bad, like frustration, anger, depression, stress etc…

Our emotions are vibrational.  When we label happy, how do you know you feel happy?  You just do!  It’s a high vibration feeling.  The same goes if you are angry.  You definitely know what that feels like!  Anger is a low vibration feeling.

If you find yourself constantly feeling bad like:-  stressed, worried, confused, sad, angry, depressed, guilty etc… you may be habitually stuck in the downward spiral of energy that feels bad, or, low vibration energy.  How many questions can you relate to:

Are you fearful of voicing how you really feel in case you end up alone?

Are you constantly feeling overwhelmed, worried, stressed and easily unbalanced?

Do you re-live past hurts?  Asking why me? 

Do you stay away from people and situations so you don’t feel rejected or judged?

Are you sensitive to other people’s words, looks and moods?

Have you shut yourself down to ‘numb’ because it’s better than feeling emotional?

Are you easily upset if your plans are mucked up, or things are not done your way?  Do you need to keep things super clean in order to feel better?

I can help you

  • Understand what is blocking you and why
  • See how your thoughts are creating havoc in your life
  • Help you uncover any deep unconscious beliefs that are driving your reality
  • Unblock your 7 Chakras, (Energy Centres) and bring you into the upward spiral of energy that feels good
  • Teach you the 4 things you need to know to change for good!
  • Teach you how to protect your energy and STOP letting everything in
  • Re-boot your energy system with new beliefs
  • Understand and unblock pain, symptoms or disease of your physical body 
  • Teach you to feel again and let your Emotions guide you
  • Teach you how it feels to be balanced and stay balanced so you can heal
  • Help you understand what food nourishes, balances and calms your body and mind

During our session together I will help you focus on your healing path and the tools you will need to cope and become emotionally resilient.  I am going to show you how you can enjoy living again.

If you have been stuck in a downward spiral of emotions for some time it can become habitual and you may need a couple of sessions to really understand what happened to you.  My job is to make sure you have the tools to stay in balance after our session and ensure you continue to change and expand, no matter what life throws at you!  

If you need more support to change, or if life is being difficult for you then you can benefit from my monthly retainer.  

This can be the perfect way for me to support and guide you to feel balanced on an ongoing basis until it becomes your new normal!  

I was at my lowest point of depression I have ever been. I had been unable to stop the negative thoughts which were constantly playing around in my head... I felt “frozen” and wished I could just escape from life. I felt like I was a horrible person, mother and wife. Anita was warm and welcoming making it easy to relax. Using her skills and knowledge she helped me unblock my “stuckness” and move out of the rut I was in. I walked out her door with a smile on my face feeling like a completely different person! I have since reduced my antidepressants and may ditch them all together soon (after relying on them for 11 years) I can’t explain how she works but I love how quickly and permanent the change has been for me.
Rangiora April 2017
I didn't realise not being connected to my emotions prevented me to live my life to the fullest... holding on to unresolved emotions made me feel disconnected, disempowerment and inadequate, without Anita I wouldn't be the person whom I am today. She guided the dark energy I had inside and was able to convert them to all positive energy with her talents. Had I gone a traditional route visiting GPs I would become very ill due to the medication treatments. Anita’s work is so powerful so profound and so essential that I was able to release emotions and heaviness that didn't belong to me, my spirit returned to my body and within the hour my pimples dramatically decreased in size.  Anita you've changed my life! I am forever grateful for your guidance I'm now back to my true self. I highly recommend you to everyone I know and I will always count on you whenever I feel a touch up is required.  
Linda Hing-Chan,
Croydon Victoria 19/04/17
I booked my first session with Anita and my life literally changed in those hours we spent together. I went from living half-dead, depressed and suicidal to feeling a sense of openness and re-connection to life in just one appointment.  Anita heard/felt/sensed what I needed from what I was saying. She then showed me how to easily include this in my day-to-day life. I have, and the results speak for themselves.  I've seen more than 25 therapists in my life. Anita has helped shift my course so significantly, and has stayed by my side the entire time.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Anita.  I am so grateful for your care, wisdom, insight and sharing your healing art with me and the world.  You literally saved my life.  
Victoria Australia.  31/03/17

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