Why do children have so much energy?

Energy is controlled by your imagination… don’t use it, you lose it!

Imagination is controlled by your mind.

The brain does what the mind is communicating… good or bad, right or wrong the brain is just a precise computer reading the pictures in your head, the words you say to yourself, even your silent thoughts.

So if you wake up saying I’m tired…. well the brain will go get your tired program and run it for you.

If you say I hate myself and you have done that more than 30 times your brain will go get the ugly feelings that correspond to feeling self hate.

I am going to begin doing talks to help you understand how to reboot your mind. Remove the rot that has set in. Show you how to work with your mind, what you need to do to bring back your imagination and your energy and how to create a happy carefree day so you can create a happy life!

Let me know if you are interested and I will find a place to share this incredible information. Post, Private message me or mob 027 9300770. Anita

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