Only if you prefer.

Face to face is not the only powerful medium, and does not suit everyone in all situations.

Some clients prefer to skype/Zoom/FaceTime in from the comfort of their own home or office

Using messenger and text has just as successful ability to bring results

Yes.  Some clients find it removes inhibition and allows them to get deep quickly.  It also allows me to serve clients around the country and globe.

Below are testimonials from clients in Canada, the far north of New Zealand and Australia.

The seven chakras are the centers in our bodies in which energy flows through. Blocked energy in our seven chakras can often lead to illness, so it’s important to understand what each chakra represents and what we can do to keep this energy flowing freely.

Chakras and chakra healing has been known in ancient eastern traditional medicine for over 2000 years

Chakras are data banks that can be referred to as the body mind.  They store an individual’s history of unresolved emotions.  Emotions are just energy in motion and as energy cannot die the chakras can become blocked with this stagnant energy.  Chakras are very ordered as to where particularly emotions are stored so it is a very clever system to help interpret why a person is blocked.

There are two kinds of energy.  Energy from the physical body from the food you consume, sleep you are getting, and exercise..  The other kind of energy comes from your energetic anatomy, which is emotional energy.  If you are guided by your feelings and lead a healthy balanced life generally your energy will be at its best.

Anita works in E-Motional Energy.  The chakra system filters all E-Motions.  Happy, joyful, loving Energy feels good and heavy emotions such as sadness, depression, anxiety, stress is the energy that feels bad.  The higher the energy or vibration, the better you will feel.  The lower the vibration the worse you will feel.  If you feel nothing you have no vibration and more than likely your chakra system has shut down.

Life coaching helps you focus on what you really want and then develop a plan of action

Life Coaching’s true power is that it works not on what is “broken”, but what is possible

Life coaching is pruning the connections to the past in order to expand and counselling is being a sounding board allowing you to talk through all your experiences

You need less sessions with a Life Coach than a counsellor as you lead the way

Life Coaches do not trawl through your past

Life Coaching helps to re-inforce your self belief, you will walk away feeling like you can tackle or achieve anything your heart desires!

To get out of the downward spiral of feeling bad and learn how to generate the feel good factor and feel free all the time

To learn to feel again and be true to yourself

Because they have heard of my success through word of mouth and recommendations

Because they are sick and tired of being sick and tired

Because Anita offers a fast, affordable and accurate healing method that creates lasting change

Yes, client confidentiality is paramount and I abide by the code of contact of the Australia & New Zealand Institute of Life Coaching.

During your session Anita will encourage you to drink lots of filtered water and eat dates.  As you clear blocks your vibrations will increase and require more water to conduct the vibrations and the dates provide physical energy.  

You will feel lighter, and notice colours and the natural environment appear brighter.  Even your vision can improve as you begin to see things clearly.  You may feel smiley and giggly as your vibrations move into the upward spiral.  Everything feels better, brighter, hopeful and free.  It’s an amazing feeling to liberate blocks and feel your energy flowing

Go home, give yourself alone time to integrate.  A bath with candles and music.  A gently walk in nature.  Meditation and self soothing and nurturing is recommended as you adjust to your new reality.  Drink plenty of fresh filtered water, up to 3 litres a day, and eat live vibrational food to support your new energy vibrations

My unique healing technique is a combination of Break-Through Life Coaching using your bodies Chakras.

These 12 data banks hold your life journey experiences and show how well you are coping with your life.

Whist some of your session with me will feel like I am a psychologist, the difference with using your bodies Chakras is that you will change your life in one session and walk away with guidance and a clear path.

I use my Extra Sensory Perception to read your Chakra patterns in order to find the exact reasons your body is in a state of anxiety, depression or anger. It can be a whole bunch of life long experiences or just struggling with recent trauma and stress. I cannot take your traumas away but I can help you cope emotionally by helping you to keep your chakras clear, open and balanced.

When your energy system is calm and in balance life feels 80% easier instead of so hard.

When you are tired and anxious you cannot see out of the fog or a way out of the fear your body is holding onto. Your body leads us to the source of your struggling and once we pinpoint your most blocked Chakra/s you and I work together to solve what is holding you back from feeling whole, peace and harmony in your life.

When we hit the nail on the head your body let’s out a great sigh of relief and shifts, releasing your blocks and stagnant emotions. Your bodies guidance will help you see clearly and will remove that fog you live in.  It will help you understand how to move through your issues with greater ease and understanding.

My methods helps all humans from all walks of life with all different issues. The Human Energy Field is there to work perfectly and support us through life. My method gets your system back up and working how Nature intended so you feel a return of your energy and self confidence.

You will leave your session on a clear path and with guidance you can use to get on with your life.


Hi Anita, thank you for helping me clear my head today. Sometimes we live our day to day lives under the stressors of our past, communicating with you to day via the messenger app, this type of communication was easy and so clear. Communication with you has helped me to remember that I am not my past. But that I am great full for my past. My past has helped and shaped me to become the great loving mother and head strong caring woman and loyal friend that I am today. Thank you xx
Ahipara, New Zealand, May 2017
If you know you've been feeling off and are unsure why... I can't stress enough to give Anita’s alternative energy work a try. After working with Anita it's like my past that made me feel horrid about myself has vanished. Instead I'm much more present and happier than I have ever been! I'm focused and determined and finding gratitude every day, something that was foreign to me before starting to work with Anita. I have a new lease on life and feel comfortable in my own skin and no longer worried about what others think. Thank you, Anita, for opening the door to a new path and helping me to see that it's okay to focus on myself and what I want
Sarah Wilson