Finding Peace

I remember about 5 yrs ago, when this was first suggested to me by my Life Coach, Martyn Terry. I complained that I was living in a terrible situation separated under the one roof with my then husband, now ex. The tension and atmosphere was horrible to endure.

Martin told me there is always peace. My homework was to find it. I left perplexed.

I realised I could choose to find peace by stilling my thoughts. By realising I was buying time to get myself sorted to leave. It was a huge AHA Moment. I realised the feeling of instant panic was my thoughts, not the house or situation I lived in! It was my thoughts about the situation.

Let me give you greater clarity: There are two reasons you cannot find that peace that exists everywhere…You are living in thoughts of the PAST AND FUTURE. (I was stressing about my future, something that did not exist, and worse than that I was not creating it, instead I let my then husband call the shots.)

Peace only lives in the present and when you are in that stillness you can ask what is best for you and create a plan that will take you where you want to go. 🌈🌹🦋

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