From divorce to gratitude

My divorce and the drama has finally come to an end. After five years of living thru bitterness, confusion, disbelief, the whys, denial, hurt, disappointment, feeling used, distrust etc… I wondered how to let go, move on and feel how to forgive. After all there is a fear that if you cannot forgive it will eat you up and my health will be affected next.

So how do I find peace and forgiveness?

I thank him for being my greatest teacher. For showing me how strong I am. Teaching me how to be independent. For introducing me to my true self. For growing emotionally. For becoming a life coach, Energy healer and teacher. For changing my life path. For giving me my daughter. For giving me my amazing husband Rob who loves and adores me. For giving me two beautiful step-sons. I always wanted to be a mother of three. To experience family.

I have gratitude to Ben for putting me on my path that otherwise I would never have found.

Some days the glass half empty wants all my attention. I am super aware how to change my focus and thoughts to how my glass is overflowing with richness, love and gifts!

This quote is so right and teaches you how to forgive without even knowing you are doing it.

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