5 Reasons Why Grounding is so Vital!

1. You feel calm and balanced
2. Being Ungrounded means you are running on your adrenals. Flight or fright. Stress attracts dis-ease.
3. Law of attraction… When you are Grounded you are a positive magnet. Ungrounded you are a negative magnet.
4. Grounded your body is in the upward spiral of emotions. Positive E-motions like passion, enthusiasm bringing you ENERGY TO BURN!
5. Ungrounded your body is in the downward spiral of emotions: you are running on negative emotions like overwhelm, worry, doubt, anger, insecurity, fear, powerless. ENERGY TO BURN YOU OUT!

The trouble begins in our mind and body when we are young and our adrenals are strong. The rush of running on stress is addictive.

Adrenalin is the most addictive chemical known to man. We get it via addiction to overwhelming ourselves.

Over functioning, over giving, over doing it! One problem here… you are under valuing YOU!

Long term ungrounded patterns of fearful thoughts and behaviour affects your health and slowly like poison your adrenals turn the Taps off and you are left chronically fatigued, laid waste to an internal adrenal junkie without a source of energy to run on. Hello cellular debt/disease.

The good news is: GROUNDING is free! It’s a practise. Repeat and you will learn to be grounded in a breathe. Your body will run on healing life force energy.

Once you are grounded currents of earth energy and universal energy flow through your body. Up down and around through your chakras, around your aura. Just like you are a solar panel soaking it up, healing you, energising you.

Taking your shoes off and walking on the beach does NOT work for most people. If you don’t practise meditation and your head is full of noise you will still be ungrounded.


1. Clear your mind of thoughts.
2. Big slow breathe in through your nose. Fill your lungs right up.
3. Big slow breathe out through your mouth
4. Repeat x 3. (Let your out breathe direct your energy down through your feet. )
5. Keep breathing as above, imagine 5 rhubarb like roots growing out the soles of your feet.
6. Push them down through the floor below. Each root grows 10 roots, push them down thru the soil below.
7. Each 10 roots grows another 10 and so on until you have a big web of roots travelling out and down. Like you are an oak tree.
8. Imagine your roots plunging down, snaking through the layers of earth below. Pushing through under ground water, rocks, crystals, clay, dirt more rocks.
9. Imagine your snaking roots racing to the red moulted centre of the earth. Picture it vividly.
10. See two big boulders with your name on them at the centre of the earth. Wrap your roots tightly around and around like vines around your boulders.
11. The red centre of the earth heats your roots and colours them red. With your up breathe draw this red colour like blood up through your roots.
12. Bring your red earth energy up at super sonic speed up through the layers of earth until the red colour and heat arrives under your feet.
13. You are now grounded.
14. Do this every morning sitting on the edge of your bed and every night before bed. Any time you are stressed.
15. Grounding helps your body run properly and discharges negative energy into the earth, negative emotions.
Happy grounding. This practise will change your life for the better physically, emotionally and mentally.