Is your body telling you it is time to change?

Life is too busy and after a while you can get used to not feeling so great and plough on regardless.  

If your body is no longer able to keep up with your demanding mind and lifestyle then it is time to take action and come to your own rescue.  

If You Suffer From… Fatigue, insomnia, cravings, the 3pm slump, hormonal problems, memory issues or foggy brain, headaches, reliance on coffee and other stimulants for energy, menopausal symptoms, weight issues, low lobido, skin irritations, aches and pains, a disease diagnosis, feeling the cold, thyroid disorders, digestive upsets, food intolerances, it’s time to take action!

I lost my health 10 years ago running myself into the ground until my body could not function.  Over the years of trying to recover, I experimented with different diets.   

I thought gluten free, less dairy, more green juices, more live food was the way to heal my body but then I had a new health scare.  Only 3 years ago I was diagnosed with precancerous cells in my uterus.  I was also shocked to find I had a hormonal imbalance too.  

I thought my cold hands and feet were just a sign of getting old.  The hot flushes too, I thought Oh well, I am in my 40’s.  My bloated belly and digestive system being sensitive I accepted that as normal because it had gone on for so long!

My life changed when I met another mother at school, Lyndal Harris a Therapeutic Nutritionist.  Lyndal healed herself from chronic fatigue and digestive dysfunction, but more than that she healed her baby son of chronic asthma and a future of living in the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Lyndal and I began work together and created workshops in Melbourne called, “The Power of Food”

I followed Lyndal’s grassroots nutritional approach and my life changed.  I had more energy.  My digestive system stopped bloating and the reflux went.  My lobido returned, my hormones normalized and my period came back.  I no longer feel the cold.  I feel full and satisfied all day from the way I eat.

My pantry and shopping is easier, my children and husband love how we eat!  My body is healthier in my 40’s than in my 30’s!

I can help you:

  • Learn why your food is making you feel awful
  • Know what to eat to feel well and heal
  • Kick cravings that keep your energy on a yoyo
  • Uncover hidden sugar in your pantry
  • Learn the truth about fats
  • Remove inflammatory dis-ease causing foods
  • Lose weight and gain energy
  • 4 tips for making change easier
  • Create healthy new ways that last.

It’s not another diet. Discover how to inspire your mind to love healthy food that even removes food cravings for the yummy unhealthy food you know you emotionally eat.  Bust through all your old frustrations with this easy and sensible approach.

Learn 4 Secret Tips… that leave your old eating habits behind.  I use my unique Break-Through Life coaching skills to help you bring about the change you have been struggling to create.

If you have a diagnosis that you do not wish to accept take action now and start giving your body the kind of food humans are meant to eat.  I will help you onto your healing path and work closely with you using a holistic approach, combining your food, energy, body, mind and spirit.

After your session if you need more support you may wish to use my monthly retainer.  I supply my clients with a comprehensive Functional Nutrition E-Book with information about what to eat and recipe ideas.

Are you ready to get your health back?  

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