#MeToo: Healing from Trauma

Healing from trauma is a process of pruning your connections to your past.  Healing is a very individual process that is not rational or time-bound, so it can be a frustrating process.

Unhealed wounds can cause you to feel frustrated, easily triggered and even self sabotaging your efforts to heal.   They can create a negative emotional state that accidentally keeps the past alive.  Those unhealed wounds keep you trapped in the same downward spiral of thoughts and emotions.

My therapy methods clear the stagnant energy blocks created by your past.  What that does for you that other therapy may not is helps you to heal in the present moment removing the spell the past has over you.  This enables your blocks to shift and then new energy moves into your body.

I recently spent two hours via video call with Chrissy.  Her words describe best how she moved from a negative emotional state to a new positive reality.  Her past no longer dictating her present, because she was so ready to put her past to rest with my help.  Please read:

Before my session with Anita last Tuesday online, I felt terrible, I felt heavy, alone, sad, angry, confused, I was getting ill all the time, worrying about things I couldn’t really control.  I wasn’t sleeping or eating well as I didn’t feel good, about myself.  Since I had my two hour session with Anita, I felt exhausted afterwards, went through so much past and history, and feelings and emotions. The next day I felt like I had a weight lifted off me, my head was clear, not foggy, my body felt better, my concentration is much better.  I am sleeping again, and eating well, i can concentrate on everyday stuff much better.  I feel like a new woman I really do. Its amazing and feels wonderful to feel like this again. Anita is amazing, I’m so glad I took the chance and had my session with her. I think my bad files are under control 😊. xxxx Thank you for the new me xx Ps: I have got so much work done around here in the last my week, my energy level is amazing, I just can’t stop lol. My gardens are all done, my vegies are all in, my fruit is blooming, I think I’m blooming!

Ashburton October 2017

If this post, recent media attention regarding sexual assault or Chrissy’s story have connected with you and raised to your consciousness issues you are now ready to deal with, I am offering two solutions.  Private sessions face to face or by video, like Chrissy benefited from or a 2 hour workshop held in Christchurch in the evening on 13 December.

Imagine shifting out of the negative emotional feedback loop you’re stuck in and moving into feel good energy.

Learn how to equip yourself with the tools you need to control your energy.

If you are ready to move away from the cloud that has been following you into energy and light please visit my links below or message me using the blue icon on the right:

Book here for workshop on 13 Dec https://chakraconsulting.satoriapp.com/offers/141859-healing-from-trauma-level-1-group-1

Book a private session (Like Chrissy had) https://chakraconsulting.satoriapp.com/offers/139242-healing-from-trauma-private-session

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