Healing after sexual abuse #MeToo

If you were a child victim of sexual abuse and you didn’t tell anyone at the time your perpetrator abused you, it was because they silenced you with fear and took your young voice. As an adult this block will make it very hard for you to express how you really feel. Often leading to more abuse due to your voicelessness.

Sexual abuse creates shame, it is the worst of human emotions. Shame will control you and over time, because you were too young to understand how to handle shame it can turn into the fear of being rejected.

During teenage years this block creates rebellious behaviour, in the form of smoking, and drug taking to dull the pain..to hide the dirty secret. Abuse can set you up to have the fear of rejection and by default become promiscuous or frigid, trying to seek connection in all the wrong ways. This pattern can attract a string of the wrong partners, because you attract more of what you don’t want! Or you may find yourself alone, rejecting yourself and others due to a lack of trust and because of the fear of more terrible experiences.

Your unhealed wounds are getting layered and more complex as you bury the original wound. A lot of energy goes into walling off this experience, pushing it deep into the unconscious. But wounds always have a way of wanting to be healed so the child of abuse may have an adult life that attracts more abusers, a pattern of self destruction, rejection and unworthiness.

A sexual perpetrator can change the path of an innocent life until that child who is now an adult works out how to heal their past wounds.

If you stay unhealed you are contracted, shrinking from life and therefore leaking energy by keeping a dead past alive by behaviours that are self destructive. The blocks you have accumulated take precious energy from the cells of your body. This loss of energy can cause physical dis-ease.

Imagine knowing you can help heal your wounds, remove your blocks, liberate your energy and re-claim your mental, physical and spiritual health. Take this experience that has affected the path of your life and use it as stepping stones to create the life you desire.

Heal your wounds. Liberate the walled off parts of yourself that you have locked away in fear and shame.

I can help you change the path of your life now by unearthing your blocks, pruning your connections to a traumatic past. Experience a return of energy and feel whole again as I help you liberate those parts of yourself you have been walling off since your abuse.

I have worked with many women who are affected in their present life by past sexual abuse. I help you feel better, and understand why you do what you do. I help you see a new path with certainty and clarity to grow and find strength. Remove your blocks, change your self sabotaging patterns, into a new you.

Instead of your scars being your emotional armour, you use your scars to become strong and emotionally resilient, attracting what you do want into your life.

Remove the blocks your perpetrator set up in you and expand into a new direction of health and wellbeing.

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