Do you wish you could change easily?

Have you tried to change only to find yourself falling back into your old ways?

Are you ready for an easy and happy life?

Do you have anxieties from unresolved negative life experiences?

Do you keep attracting the same negative themes in your life?  (Bad boss, infidelity, narcissists, rejections, bullying etc.)

Are you ready to give Bad habits the flick but you don’t know what to do or where to start?

Unresolved emotions are just a record of the past, but these blocks are the source of everything that ails us.  From not being able to change to creating self-sabotaging beliefs, symptoms and disease.

Can you relate to any of the following blocks?

Blocks develop into Physical Symptoms.  Pain.  Dis-ease.  Disease.

Do these feelings bring you joy?  Fulfil you?  Make you jump out of bed in the morning?  I know they didn’t for me!

It’s time to be rid of bad feelings, symptoms and beliefs that leave you feeling powerless.  Put the lid on your can of worms and remove it for good!

20 of the above symptoms or blocks were mine.  I had such a profound shift when my blocks released I felt liberated.  I went from tired to having energy, feeling hopeless to hopeful and positive.

My life had felt heavy and I had no direction.  Suddenly I felt light and like whatever I desired was possible.

In the process of my personal recovery and healing journey I have discovered how to detect and uncover blocks in your body.  I combine these techniques with Break-Through Life Coaching to bring about massive transformation and healing.    

I now help my clients find and release their blocks fast!  

Are you ready to quit your internal struggle and shift from surviving to thriving in an instant?

I can help make change easier by

  • Teaching you 4 powerful mind techniques that stop you destroying change
  • Showing how your blocks are stored in your 12 body minds, or Chakras – not your brain
  • Helping you take the lid off your can of worms, leaving you feeling so much better
  • Making way for new energy that makes change easier.  Believe me, I know!
  • Releasing your blocks putting you on your path to healing -mentally, physically, spiritually

Let me share with you how I remove your energy blocks  

  • Using my intuitive energy reading skills, I read your bodies chakras detecting your blocks
  • You share your story and history, health symptoms, disease, emotional upsets, patterns
  • I will ask you questions to bring unconscious data to the surface
  • As your blocks clear, it re-boots your energy system like a computer re-starting
  • Your body remembers even if you cannot as we are tapping into this innate intelligence
  • You will feel liberated and lighter as soon as the block is released

You will go from Surviving to Thriving in an Instant!

Once your blocks are cleared, your energy will adjust to how nature intended, into an open and harmonious pattern.   It is life changing and you can feel the wonderful euphoric new feelings.  The feeling is amazing!  Many clients say they feel lighter, can see more clearly, colours seem more vibrant, and their body is buzzing.

Your mood will feel light and happy, in fact you can even be giggly!  Positive and hopeful feelings rule as you leave without your emotional baggage!

Hi Anita thank you so very much for the wonderful session we had today. I feel liberated and so free from the old beliefs that were holding me back in life. The inner peace and tranquility I now feel are wonderful. To have the understanding gives me the ability and awareness to now create a wonderful life for myself. Thank you Anita very much.
Rolleston, June 2017

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