#MeToo – Dear mind, please shut up!

Is your mind crazy busy?  Does that voice in your head go on and on and on repeating like a stuck record.  Why is it your mind can say all the things you don’t have the guts to say?

Do you feel you are ready to have a melt down at the slightest thing?  Have your thoughts gone from whispers to yelling at you?

Do you find yourself over sensitive, letting everything in?  Does your mind grab onto everything, the past, the future and then twists everything until you can’t tell if you are up or down?

Are you like a puppet on a string, reacting constantly, dancing the same dance?  Is your energy spent pretending you are okay, when really you think you are going around the twist?  Do you feel like you are dying on the inside? Are you an over thinker?  Are you stuck in a fog?  Do you over think everything and yet do nothing?

If you answered yes to these questions then your mind is blocked.  There are three energy zones around your mind.  Your brow, your crown and the back of your head.

Let me show you and explain how to clear your mind, and any other energy blocks in your 12 energy centers or Chakras.  Energy blocks are like a spell of unconscious behaviour that create a feedback loop from hell.

Mindfulness alone will not remove thoughts that plague you.  Your mind is not going to let you off the hook that easily.  Often the harder you try to keep the thoughts away, the more likely they are to become a tidal wave or a tsunami of emotion that wipes you out constantly, no matter how hard you try!

Come to one of my energy readings in Rangiora, or Shirley, in Christchurch.  Or, if you prefer you can have your reading digitally using FaceBook Messenger, Facetime,a Zoom video call or plain old phone.

If you are sick of your crazy busy mind, then it’s time to unearth your blocks, and give yourself relief from the emotional chaos caused by your uncontrollable repetitive thoughts.





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