Receive Monthly Support From Anita

After your session with Anita you will be wondering where to from here?  Unlike other therapy Anita’s goal is not to book another session but to provide a solution.  Many clients will have more than one session as they adjust to the new paradigm Anita has awaken within.  

In the first session expect your world to be rocked.  Part of the session is s short follow-up a week later.  Many clients want to continue the relationship and receive ongoing guidance, coaching and support from Anita as many experience significant life changes.

There are two options to receive further coaching; Book a 45min session the price is $100.  The session will be subject to appointment availability.  “Book your follow-up session”

Retain Anita’s on-going coaching and support for $47 per month.  The Retainer option allows you to connect with Anita by FB Messenger, text, email or phone as and when you need.  

In the first week of each month Anita will connect with you to see how you’re getting on and offer guidance.  

Many clients get a great deal of comfort knowing with the Retainer option they can connect with Anita at any time.  

Paying the monthly retainer means you have access to Anita each month you subscribe.  You can connect using FaceBook Messenger, texting, email or phone. You can ask Anita to help you with guidance and explanations on your personal journey.

This is particularly useful as you will find after seeing Anita your energy will be open and humming along nicely.  Life goes on, and If you are triggered or upset you may lose that feeling.  Anita can pinpoint how to reclaim the feel good energy you were in before you were triggered.

This is the greatest benefit of providing this service.  Not just changing your life during your first session, but teaching you how to stay feeling good no matter what is happening in your life.   

 In an emergency you can call Anita on her mobile phone.