• I didn't realise not being connected to my emotions prevented me to live my life to the fullest. Holding on to unresolved emotions made me feel disconnected, disempowerment and inadequate. Without Anita I wouldn't be the person whom I am today. She guided the dark energy I had inside and was able to convert it to positive energy with her talents. Had I gone an traditional route visiting GPs I would become very ill due to the medication treatments. Anitas work is so powerful so profound and so essential that I was able to release emotions and heaviness that didn't belong to me, my spirit returned to my body and within the hour my pimples dramatically decreased in sizes 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Anita you've changed my life! I'm forever grateful for your guidance I'm now back to my true self. I highly recommend you to everyone I know and I will always count on you whenever I feel a touch up is required.

    Linda Hing-Chan, Croydon Victoria 19/04/17
  • I booked my first session with Anita and my life literally changed in those hours we spent together. I went from living half-dead, depressed and suicidal to feeling a sense of openness and re-connection to life in just one appointment. Anita heard/felt/sensed what I needed from what I was saying. She then showed me how to easily include this in my day-to-day life. I have, and the results speak for themselves. I've seen more than 25 therapists in my life. Anita has helped shift my course so significantly, and has stayed by my side the entire time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Anita. I am so grateful for your care, wisdom, insight and sharing your healing art with me and the world. You literally saved my life.

    Kathryn, Victoria Australia. 31/03/17
  • Anita has helped me through some very difficult times. Just the other day I received an email from my ex, who knows exactly how to push my buttons. This sent all my chakras immediately out of balance. My energy was depleted and I was running all my old programs again; fear and anxiety. One text to Anita, "HELP" and within minutes Anita had replied, balancing my chakras, and offering some very valuable words of advice. Almost instantly, I felt calm and relaxed again. Before contacting Anita, I had really been struggling to get through the day, feeling sick in the stomach and very anxious. One text to Anita completely changed my day and the outcome of a very intimidating situation. Anita has the ability to understand my issues, and provide me with techniques to overcome any difficulties that arise. She is completely dedicated to helping you work through your issues, regardless of the time and lack of notice. I love the fact that I am able to contact her anytime, and from anywhere. Working with Anita has changed my life: I am a lot calmer, so much more positive, and content with my life.

    Karen Ringwood, Victoria
  • The two hour energy healing session I had with Anita was fabulous. Using my chakras, Anita was able to break through the block I was feeling, leaving me energised and standing in my light. She gave me the clarity and certainty I was after. Spot on with her insights, I would recommend Anita to anyone looking for a positive shift in their life and energy.

    anessa Brooks, New Zealand
  • I had the pleasure of experiencing a session with Anita Jackson today. UN-FREAKIN’ BELIEVABLE. If you are seeking answers to where your blocks are this comes ridiculously recommended. I would almost go as far to say LIFE CHANGING. Seeing everything with brand new eyes today. PM me for more details on what happened today and why you need Anita.

    Elisabeth Williams Cust, New Zealand
  • Anita, thank you for our amazing session 10 days ago. The intense feeling of peace, certainty and clarity has been astounding. I have maintained my strong sense of purpose throughout some recent difficult times and I'm certain that my calmness has not only benefited me but helped those around me as well. It is difficult to put into words but I am eternally grateful. 💕 Thank you xx

    Susan McMurdie, Seville, Victoria
  • Anita has a wonderful gift, the gift of healing. Anita’s discussions are forever in my mind and her sensitive and insightful coaching will always guide me. My emotional life is safe, I am facing my fears and have hope for the future. Thank you.

    Renee, Croydon, Victoria, Australia.
  • Anita was a gift to propel me forward. I can now see how I can go beyond the internal fight to remain positive, and make that my natural state. She has taught me so many little and easily implemented techniques in order to refresh and centre my body and mind. The techniques have simultaneously revitalised and calmed my energy, and taken away fears and insecurities that I accepted as normal. I feel so much lighter, and most importantly, the changes I have made have actually increased my energy.

    Tess, Lilydale Victoria
  • If you know you've been feeling off and are unsure why... I can't stress enough to give Anita’s alternative energy work a try. After working with Anita it's like my past that made me feel horrid about myself has vanished. Instead I'm much more present and happier than I have ever been! I'm focused and determined and finding gratitude every day, something that was foreign to me before starting to work with Anita. I have a new lease on life and feel comfortable in my own skin and no longer worried about what others think. Thank you, Anita, for opening the door to a new path and helping me to see that it's okay to focus on myself and what I want.

    Sarah Wilson Canada
  • I had a few sessions with Anita and she steered me in the right direction and she jump started me on the road to recovery. Her technique utilising chakras and energy healing set me on an immediate path of motivation and rectification. I can honestly say that over a period of a few months I completely have given up alcohol. I feel amazing, I feel like I am alive again. My constant worrying about issues in my life is non-existent and I am loving life for the first time for as long as I can remember.

    Peter, Mt Evelyn, Victoria, Australia
  • have had many energy readings and chakra balancing with Anita. I feel like I have an awareness of my body, but when Anita corrects an imbalance, I notice a shift. Following the session i feel clear, like my body is in greater harmony. I am left feeling empowered and what I learn helps me to stay in my power everyday.

    Vicki Skintopia Yoga and Wellness
  • My first coaching session with Anita changed my life. I live by your mantra…It’s just energy! The message that what I’m feeling is simply energy and I can choose what I do with it has reduced my feelings of anxiety and fear and it no longer controls me. Forever grateful Anita.

    Rebecca, Croydon, Victoria, Australia
  • Anita always makes me feel better, mentally and physically. She puts my chakras back in place, the difference in how I feel is amazing and helps with my emotional state of mind.

    Leanne, Monbulk, Victoria, Australia
  • Anita has the gift of clarity and insight. She helped me look at my life through different eyes. She is compassionate, enthusiastic and very motivating. After just a couple of sessions I felt like a new woman. I can’t thank Anita enough for all her support and encouragement.”

    Lisa, Mt Evelyn, Victoria, Australia
  • After the sudden death of my mum my world, as I knew it, no longer existed. If I laugh I felt guilty, if I cried I felt failure, when I wanted to just live I felt I just couldn’t. I struggled for many years and I just couldn’t find a way out of this sadness. The overwhelming feeling of grief including feelings of fear, anxiety and sadness I carried for many years. Just when I thought I was ok something would ‘take me back’ and I would be struggling every day with these feelings of sadness, confusion, fogginess, lack of energy, lack of motivation – the list goes on. Anita has been absolutely amazing. To say that Anita has ‘helped me live again’ and ‘just be happy again’ is an understatement, I just don’t know where to begin. Thanks to Anita I have now realised that I can be happy and that I can ‘fall in love with life again’. Anita has changed my life in so many ways. I understand that it’s ‘me that has to do the work’ but without Anita’s guidance and support I know that I would not be where I am today and I thank Anita from the bottom of my heart.

    Cassie, Midway Point, Tasmania,
  • Thank you, Anita, for your time, knowledge and experience. I'm totally Buzzing from lots of Points you picked up. Teaching me to be grounded, I already feel less heavy. I would totally recommend you and I look forward to more. Bless you, and Thank u in to fold.

    Janie Martin New Zealand
  • Following a recent energy healing/chakra balancing with Anita I would happily recommend her to anyone looking for some clearing or guidance. She gave me confirmation and reinstated for me to trust myself and my own higher self above all, and always to remember to have faith and trust, and the universe will take care of what’s yet to unfold.

    Corrina Hornell, New Zealand
  • Anita, I am grateful to have found you at this time in my life where i had become "stuck" Working with you has enabled me to observe my life of contrast.. By this i see how I went from being carefree, spontaneous and fun loving to losing that shine and basically shutting down emotionally and energetically. The want to find my "Mojo" again led me to you and your infectious energy, amazing insight and compassion, where you provided me with tools and support which has given me a feeling of having "woken up" after being in hibernation! Looking forward to this new exciting chapter.

    Clare Christchurch
  • Weeks after a back injury literally stopped me in my tracks and left me unable to move, work or function as normal, a friend suggested I see local Life Coach Anita Jackson. I viewed her Facebook page and watched her informative videos which left me with a desire to find out if Anita could help me with my back pain. Straight away I felt at ease with Anita’s open, friendly communication and I could certainly relate to what I was learning from her. Not only did I come away from that first meeting feeling a lot lighter, I also started to understand the real reason behind my back pain came from my early childhood and teenage experiences. I realised by listening to that voice in the back of my mind, (the negative self-talk) I had blocked off emotions which didn’t feel good, shutting down my emotional guidance system and self-sabotaging myself by pretending these emotions didn’t exist. With Anita’s guidance, I am now facing issues which I’ve supressed for a long time. Yes, it is emotional and sometimes it feels uncomfortable, but what I do know is I am coming out the other side, a stronger person. I am not only healing from my back injury, I am healing from the inside out both physically and emotionally. Anita has a wealth of knowledge to share and her caring supportive style really resonates with me. She is guiding me on a healing journey explaining the person I am today. Anita’s support continues with regular text check-ins to see how I am going, she offers advice and work for me to do. I know my journey isn’t a quick fix, it is a whole new way of thinking, learning how to take responsibility for my own thoughts, while learning how to become whole again. If you want to become the best you can be and if you want to understand yourself totally, why you are the way you are and if you want to change repeating patterns, then I thoroughly recommend a session with Anita. I am so pleased to have found her and to be in the process of recovering my life.

    Cathy Whitmore
  • I Arrive at Anita’s house not sure what to expect. I have heard from others but not sure what my session will be like. The best way to describe what Anita does is to say she released me, a bit like unplugging the plug in a sink of water and letting it run down the drain. It sounds easy, it wasn’t, but it was great! I had blocked chakras that are now open. She has started me on a pathway to become a human being not a human doing. When you unpack the words doing and being it makes sense. Wow! It’s massive how different I feel. Lighter, relaxed, calm, surreal, almost like I am looking down upon myself. I reflect on my day, not once did I feel any manic stress or need to…silent pat on the back, I can do it! After my first day in this new space I still feel almost surreal. Amazing sleep – I wake up in the calm state I felt yesterday. Thank you Anita for releasing me from a stressed state fuelled by adrenalin, into this new wonderful way of being.

    Rachele Rangiora, August 2017
  • I believe everyone comes into your life for a reason and Anita was no exception to this. I stumbled across her "free" event and decided to go along. It took no convincing on Anita's part for me to sign up for a session and boy am I glad I did. I had 2 health professionals suggest to me that I had adrenal fatigue and I knew my GP would be useless so instead I was stumbling along on my own trying to sort it but being overloaded with information from the internet instead. Anita got my energy flowing again, gave me a plan to follow (food, supplements, reading material, mindset, you name it, it’s probably part of my plan) but also made everything manageable and realistic. I left her place feeling awesome and I'm very slowly implementing everything on my plan, there are still slip ups and it will take time but with just a few small changes I'm already feeling better and more energized. I can't thank Anita enough for her help (and her ongoing help that I know I'm going to need) and would highly recommend giving Anita a go if you identify as being a "rushing woman" who’s juggling too many things in life."

    Juanita McLellan Rangiora, August 2017
  • Before my session with anita last tuesday online, i felt terrible, i felt heavy, alone, sad, angry, confused, i was getting ill all the time, worrying about things i couldnt really control. i wasnt sleeping or eating well as i didnt feel good, about myself. since i had my two hour session with anita, i felt exhausted afterwards, went through so much past n history, and feelings and emotions. The next day i felt like i had a weight lifted off me, my head was clear, not foggy, my body felt better, my concentration is much better. Im sleeping again, and eating well, i can concentrate on everyday stuff much better. i feel like a new woman i really do. its amazing and feels wonderful to feel like this again. anita is amazing, im so glad i took the chance and had my session with her. I think my bad files are under control 😊. xxxx thankyou for the new me xx Ps: i have got so much work done around here in the last my week, my energy level is amazing, i just cant stop lol. my gardens are all done, my veges are all in, my fruit is blooming, i think im blooming!

    Chrissy Ashburton

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