Session Pricing


Every session includes the following:

  • Explain Breakthrough Life Coaching & Chakras
  • Reference Energy Healing Books by NASA Scientist
  • Explain what are your Chakras
  • Explain how your Chakras work
  • Explain why Chakras are important to your health both mental and physical

Your Energy Reading:

1)  State of your Chakras:  IN Balance/grounded or OUT of Balance/ungrounded

2)  Auric Field:  Reading before blocks cleared – 3 Measures

3)  Energy Pattern Worksheet:  A diagram Identifying your Energy Pattern and blocks

You share your story:

  • History, any health symptoms/disease, emotional upsets/patterns
  • Defining your session goals

Breakthrough Life Coaching

Use Breakthrough Life Coaching to unearth your blocks.  As blocks liberate, more energy readings as needed to discover hidden blocks.

Questions to bring unconscious data to the surface for internal guidance to ensure that choices you want to make are in alignment with your innate purpose and how to align with your internal values and remove the fear of change:

  • Energy Reading to help understand your Life Purpose.  
  • Business owners and managers will gain understanding and clarity for  why they procrastinate or are unable to align their values with Company goals.
  • Those wishing to change relationships or job path, but unable to due to fear of change will get understanding and clarity.

We will Re-boot & Re-program your Chakra:

  • Uncover your outdated beliefs
  • Replace and anchor new beliefs with your personal power words
  • You receive a worksheet to action and implement  
  • Opening and Aligning Chakra Energy

Finally, after your blocks are cleared your Auric Field will be read.

You’ll be given an Energy Pattern Worksheet:  A final energy reading to show how your chakras have moved into a open harmonious pattern. Your blocks are cleared and your energy is aligned and flowing evenly through your body.   

As you can see we cover quite a lot.  If it is your first Chakra reading I strongly recommend you choose a 90 min or 2.5hr session.  You know yourself.  Consider how long it will take to discuss your history, symptoms, disease and uncovering your blocks and choose the appropriate session length.

After Your Session

During your session Anita will encourage you to drink lots of filtered water and eat dates.  As you clear blocks your vibrations will increase and require more water to conduct the vibrations and the dates provide physical energy.  

You will feel lighter, and notice colours and the natural environment appear brighter.  Even your vision can improve as you begin to see things clearly.  You may feel smiley and giggly as your vibrations move into the upward spiral.  Everything feels better, brighter, hopeful and free.  It’s an amazing feeling to liberate blocks and feel your energy flowing

Go home, give yourself alone time to integrate.  A bath with candles and music.  A gently walk in nature.  Meditation and self soothing and nurturing is recommended as you adjust to your new reality.  Drink plenty of fresh filtered water, up to 3 litres a day, and eat live vibrational food to support your new energy vibrations


You will receive a free short follow up call one week after your session for you to share your experiences and ensure everything is fully anchored.