Do You Want Better Relationships with Family, Friends, Workmates?

Do you find yourself reacting and triggered by those you love?  An Aunt who gets under your skin?  Work colleague or friend who just says things that make you feel inferior?  Do you find you dance to the tune of others…your partner or children?  

Are you in denial about changing anything because you fear that you will be alone, with no house and money, So you think it’s better to put up with being miserable?

Do you wonder why others affect you and take your energy?  Does being around them sometimes make you feel worse about yourself?

Do you wish life felt easier, and everyone would just get on and keep the peace?


95% of how we all act is a bunch of habits strung together called our personality!  That means you have 5% to work with if you want to change.  

No wonder it feels hard to change, no wonder we all stay on train tracks staying the same, aggravating each other in the same way!  No one wants to change, it’s therefore easier to stay the same!  

Sometimes we get comfortable in our discomfort because it is familiar!  Not because it’s healthy, but often changing represents discomfort and pain, and in fact it is unfamiliar, so we avoid it!.

I help make change easier, firstly because when a client comes to me they are ready to change.  The change they create in themselves has an automatic effect of changing those around them if they can hold the changes.  It is that simple!  I have strategies!  


When you make a change in yourself you in fact muck with your brain’s hardwiring.  This in turn has a flow on effect to those around you who are familiar with your hardwiring…they know if they push your buttons this is how you act so then they push these ones etc…..all unconscious from both parties.

No wonder there are sayings: He played me like a puppet.  I was played like a fiddle.  The term triggered also describes automatic, uncontrolled behaviour or reactions.

Reactions are just a RE-ACT of the past, so you like your adversory are playing the same behaviour back at each other over and over again.  So in fact you are bringing the past into the present every time you react and without realizing it you are keeping things the same!


Are you a woman in a relationship with your man and you get on pretty well but when you don’t do you have a routine that you both seem to be caught in automatically?  I bet it go something like this:

He says something I don’t like, or, he has not thought of my feelings….I react and say something hurtful.  Accusing him by saying YOU never think of me, YOU are selfish, or do you just shut down and say nothing, preferring to give the cold shoulder?  

Does he then act aloof, go about his day, acts like nothing happens.  But at night the ice is still there, you both dance around it by keeping it to chit chat, off to bed and your backs are turned to each other.  As the ice wears down its like the battle field disappears, you find yourselves having sex again to keep things on track and you sweep the incident under the carpet, only to have it happen again.  

A couples dance of anger is as automatic as your personality.  In fact your relationship has its own set of behaviours much like it’s own personality.  The same goes for your relationship with your children, each of you has your own dance of anger!

I help you by:

  • Teaching you to get off the dance floor!
  • Know why you need to change and how to do it!
  • Removing your Energy Blocks is where we start
  • Show you what your energy blocks are her to teach you
  • Open your energy field to its maximum potential
  • Stepping your into your own power, give you self confidence to change
  • Know what it feels like to stop reacting and start responding
  • Slow down being triggered to be in control of automatic, unconscious behaviour
  • Learn to be present so you are aware you are about to dance and stop it!
  • How to change a dance of anger into a dance of love
  • Understand how after a session with me your energy will shift
  • Teaching you how your energy will influence those around you
  • Give you tools and practises to maintain what you learn
  • Creating an open, harmonious relationship with those you love

After my first session with Anita, I went back even though I was still feeling amazing. I was concerned for my relationship and children. We had experienced big changes in our family with the children growing up. It was wonderful how Anita was able to treat my children through me and to see how they were doing. I can also say that she certainly helped me get my relationship back on track in a BIG way. I would totally recommend anyone to give Anita a go. My experience was therapeutic and fun! Anita is a calming and gentle lady who has a great sense of humour and is open minded.
Rangiora, June 2017

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