Why do you believe what others think of you?

If you directly hear someone say something about you this is one thing. BUT if your mind is assuming what people say this is so dangerous!

You might assume: – No body likes me. I am unlikeable. I am being rejected, therefore I am a reject. I am worried about not being liked. I am no good, i AM NOT ENOUGH!

BUT in reality it is the other way around. YOU ALREADY BELIEVE YOU ARE NOT ENOUGH. This is a belief. Therefore your mind will create this reality for you and your belief filter will LET IN negative assumed thoughts to match your belief about yourself.

In fact your mind is so busy creating your reality to match your belief you wont even be aware this is happening to you unconsciously. All you will be aware of is that you are oversensitive to rejection and worried about other peoples approval of you. In fact you may even be a people pleaser to combat this kind of unconscous behaviour pattern.

Your mind can become a lethal weapon having you fearing judgement, but in fact you are making this up and assuming and hyper sensitive.

You may visit a friend and come away fearing you did or said something wrong. But all along its unconscious and your mind is making up what you think your friend thinks of you.

You may find your energy drops and contracts in the presence of an ex-boyfriend for no reason. You walk away wondering why in their presence you feel so low about yourself. Again your opinion of yourself, your belief of yourself is orchestrating this energy drop without your permission.

Sure that person may have played with your feelings and de-valued you and made you feel less than them, but the reason they could do this to you is because your opinion of you is so low!

The worst cases I see are children of narcissistic parents, disapproving mothers. Parents who make a golden child of one sibling. This can be a lifetime belief that was created by your upbringing, unknown to you!

How do you correct this behaviour? Start doing a couple of simple things:

Stay in your own mind
Ask did you actually hear them say something?
Are you imagining this? Did they judge you out loud?

This is the greatest thing you can do to by pass all the guessing: –

Create a new belief. Raise your opinion of yourself. Back yourself up and remind yourself you have done nothing wrong!

Believe you are good enough! Accept yourself fully!

This is a practise. So if you are a pleaser or sensitive to what other people think of you. Work on what you think about you. The truth is you may find you judge yourself worse than anyone else. You are harsh on yourself and this is how this belief is creating your reality.

Repeat: – I AM ENOUGH! And then show it to yourself in action. Repeat, repeat, repeat to re-program your mind.

Healthy self esteem combats:

  • Bullies
  • Narcissists
  • Criticism
  • Judgement
  • Rejection
  • And your own mind

You are not born with it, begin today to cultivate it.

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